Thursday, May 3, 2007

Crime Fighting Vehicles Rock - Team Knight Rider

I could actually stop with the title of this post because the truth of that statement is such a widely held universal belief that one would have to be raised by Panda bears to not know it.

In celebration of this fact I shall wax nostalgic about it so as to improve your day and in case you were indeed, raised by Pandas.

This is Team Knight Rider. Yeah I know it's not the First Knight Rider but that's because I'm not starting there. I'm starting with the legacy left by Kitt and Michael Knight.

Michael Knight liked it. So did Gary Coleman!

Look at those vehicles will you! Don't you want to just go out and stop a jewel heist of find a guy who stole some isotope, and you'll do it in your talking Honda Civic.

I know I do. Look what I found on wikipedia!

Dante - Dante is a modified Ford Expedition sport-utility vehicle driven by Kyle, but the truck has enough room to transport the entire TKR team and functions like a mobile command center. Dante's AI expresses himself in a haughty British manner and has no misgivings about making his driver and passengers feel uncomfortable. He is the ad hoc leader of the vehicles (if they'd ever listen to him) and he usually speaks on their behalf. (Dante is voiced by Tom Kane).

Domino - Domino is a modified Ford Mustang convertible driven by Jenny. The AI's manner of course is sleek, sexy and flirtatious. She is also talkative and likes to gossip to the annoyance of the other TKR vehicles. (Domino is voiced by Nia Vardalos).

Attack Beast - Attack Beast, or just "Beast", is a modified Ford F-150 full-sized pick up with off-road capability and is driven by Duke. Beast's AI has a stubborn and argumentative attitude that talks tough and is not afraid to stand up to a fight. His favorite tactic is to crash through walls and surprise the enemy. Beast also does not like to take orders from Duke or anyone else, but he is fiercely loyal and gets the job done. TKR member Jenny is the only one Beast will listen to, and his aggressive nature softens when she is around. (Beast is voiced by Kerrigan Mahan).

Kat - Kat is a high-tech motorcycle that merges with her twin, Plato, to form the advanced High Pursuit Vehicle. Kat is driven by Erica and her AI has a polar opposite personality to that of her devious operator. Kat is always concerned with rules and regulations and is in constant conflict with Erica's amoral traits. She acts more like Erica's mother than her partner, but she will do whatever is necessary to get Erica out of a jam. (Kat is voiced by Andrea Beutner).

Plato - Plato is a high-tech motorcycle that merges with his twin Kat, to form the advanced High Pursuit Vehicle. Plato is driven by Trek, and the two couldn't match each other better. Like his operator, Plato is a nerdy brainiac completely consumed by facts, figures and data. Plato likes to quote television commercials and famous movie lines and talks in sort of a code that only Trek can understand. The two have developed a strange symbiotic relationship that the other TKR members can never figure out. (Plato is voiced by comedian John Kassir).

And then there was other stuff too!

High Pursuit Vehicle - The motorcycles Kat and Plato can merge together to form an unusual looking 4-wheeled vehicle capable of high speeds and incredible maneuverability

Sky One - Sky One is a massive C5 military cargo airplane with special VTOL capability. Sky One acted as TKR's mobile base and vehicle transport. (Sky One is voiced by Linda M. McCollough).

K.R.O. - KRO (pronounced "Crow") is an acronym for Knight Reformulation One. He would have ultimately replaced KITT (however the TKR series gives no mention of the Knight Rider 2000 series where the Knight 4000 was KITT's original replacement). KRO is a modified black Ferrari GTS with a highly unstable AI. After events that led to his murdering of five people, KRO was deactivated. KRO's operator, Martin Jantzen, was equally unstable. KRO later escapes to kill his creator and FLAG is forced to destroy him. (KRO was voiced by John B. Wells).

K.A. - short for "Knight Alpha", a prototype vehicle introduced in "Legion of Doom" for a possible European Knight Rider team being prepared for delivery to Berlin. KA is a European-made Ford Ka compact hatchback. KA only speaks German. (He is capable of many languages, but chooses to speak German in protest of the egocentric Americans.)

Man, I'd pay good money for this stuff on DVD. It's gotta be "Tremors" and "Gymkata" level good.

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