Sunday, May 13, 2007

Skater Heroes Hall of Fame: Number 3

Skating superheroes are a rare breed. Fighting crime in tights demands a certain amount of courage to begin with, but to add roller skates to the ensemble? That's going the extra mile. The third greatest skater hero only appeared once, otherwise he would have scored much higher.

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Skateman ("Ayee! Dios mio! Es Skateman!!!") has already been the subject of much analysis on teh intarweb, and quite honestly nothing I write could complete with this, from another blog (with the same template as us!). However, I cannot overstress the beauty of "Hands off, jerk hole! We're forming a union! MY FOOT AND YOUR FACE!"

I read that in my impressionable teenage years, and it's something I say in traffic at least once a week. Try it at home!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Ok, all I know is that if Neal Adams is drawing him, Skateman looks like he can just beat ass. Neal Adams could may the Red Bee look cool.

Although this guy look like the Red Bee on skates.

And you notice how he didn't invent any super skates either? He went old skool baby!

Gotta love Skateman at Number 3!