Thursday, May 3, 2007

Crime Fighting Vehicles Rock - Street Hawk

You knew at some point once a car was fighting crime then it wouldn't be long before a boat was fighting crime but before that happened, someone got a motorcycle to get off it's 2 wheeled ass and keep the city safe!

I give you:

Street Hawk had almost everything. It had machine guns, missles and even a particle beam. I thinkit used the particle beam to over heat engines or something...because that's what you do when you have a particle beam. Overheat engines...

I always wanted him to burn his way through walls and ride through offices or to chop down trees with it to ride across.

He did have a decent cast though. It was a show about a crime fighting cycle. They were not gonna win oscars win Oscars or anything. I mean look at the love interest here. Acxting would be dressing like you WANT to ride know...

And then one day it was over and we haven't really had crime stopped on a motorcycle since. Well not until someone makes a show about the Ruff Ryders protecting the hood while doin wheelies and smokin blunts. Where's UPN? I need to get them a memo.

OH YEAH, Oil just reminded me that the music was done by Tangerine Dream. Which is pretty much why I can't listen to Tangerine Dream to this day. I want it all to be Street Hawk.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Heat Vision and Jack.

Unknown said...

Yeah I'll leave Oil to Explain HV and J. Heads may explode.