Thursday, August 30, 2007

Giving props: Part 2

I'm giving props to Mike Allred for getting back on the horse and returning to Madan. I love Madman's look. I like the feel of Allred's art and I doubly love his story telling ability. The man is Eisner-esque in story telling prowess.

With this new volume of Madman, Allred is also stepping out a bit in terms of what he seems to want to do. If you like Scott Mcloud, Will Eisner or Moebius, then this could be the book for you. It could only be better if it were publish at the size of Red Rocket 7.

It's published by Image too, who seem to be able to get almost anything to print these days.

Lets Give Some Props: Part 1

Ok, I was gonna work up a whole treatise on why closeted DC fans and un adulterated Marvel fans need to really get off of Dan Didio and DC for destroying their memory of the 90's but instead I have decided to go in a more positive direction away from all of their panty waisted crying:

I'm Not going to do that. I am instead gonna give up some love for some artists that I just don't hear enough good things said about. In some cases you'll see some of their new projects too, which I think can more than make up for the fact that losers like Lightray have bit the dust.

First up:
Daniel Acuna!

Now I know some hard core fans of the Freedom Fighters who were pretty upset a few years ago when Superman and Batman cut them to ribbons but this guy has the talent to put this team back on the map.

Look at these guys! You got the baddest ass Black Condor ever, Samuel L Jackson as Dollman, A Phantom Lady with a rack that rivals Power Girls (even she noticed it), The Ray (HE survived the 90's purge), a stealth bomber Human Bomb, and they have even found a way to update Firbrand AND the Red Fucking Bee!

Rekanize Bitches!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fish Guy

The aquaman pitch that wasn't

Yeah...about Aquaman.

Nobody gives a second thought to the guy on the Coast Guard cutter. Or a lifeguard--except to mock their whistles and dumb high chairs or make dated Baywatch references.

But if you're drowning, if you fell off a boat, if a hurricane hits---man, THAT GUY is your best friend, your savior, and your god. For about 30 seconds. Then you make with the Baywatch jokes.

THAT GUY is Aquaman.

Look at him. He's wearing orange. RESCUE orange. He knows what his job is.

Look at him. He knows damn well what the world says when his back is turned. And he doesn't give a flying fish what YOU say. He has better sh** to do this morning. Guess how many giant evil sea monsters are down there. Guess. Here's a hint, Dane Dorrance and the Sea Devils fought a new one every issue FOR SEVEN YEARS. And every day, Arthur Frickin' Curry is down there either kicking the ass of a giant sea monster or ordering it to dive into the Marianas Trench forever.

Look at him. Does he look like he cares what [adult swim] says?

(By the way, it helps if you hum "America the Beautiful" while reading that)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Comics from 1997

This comic was written and drawn in 1997 in ballpoint pen. It's biographical. It's about what I found out my roommate had done that day, just before he left to go to Amsterdam.

I scanned it out of my journal today and added the font so you could actually read what I wrote because the scanner wasn't very good.

We're smoking out of bongs in the last panel. Even if that wasn't a cartoon, the statute of limitations has expired anyway, you bastards. I'm still gonna run for office, what do you think of that, big man?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome to Bat-Con '55

The "Club of Heroes" welcomes you to Bat-Con '55!

Today's schedule:


Mimosa breakfast


Hair of the dog


Cultural stereotype gimmicks (panel: Paddy McDrinklots, The Masked Eskimo, and Dykefinger)


Liquid lunch


How to keep your pupils from showing through your mask




Leg waxing (sidekicks only)


Happy hour


Brothel patrol


Beating the sh** out of everybody at Archer-Con '55