Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Super Character Draft Pt. 1 (Betsy's Team)

On Saturday night, the Chicago Comic Book Meetup group met at Third Coast Comics in Chicago. Generally we just have comics related discussion over beers but this time we did something different.

We held a Super Character Draft with the idea being that when we were done we'd pitch a comic to the group. There were 13 participants and 15 rounds.

The Rules:

Each team must have a supporting character.

Each team must have 1 real life person who has appeared in a comic book at least once.

Note: During the draft players were precluded from picking me as I have been in a comic book. Points to you if you happen to own one of those rare works of art.

The 1st pick was Betsy and here is her team:

Muhammed Ali
Power Girl
Judge Dredd
Gene Simmons
Atomic Robo
Guy Gardner
Fin Fang Foom
Devil Dinosaur

The Pitch:

Justice League meets Lost.

Sinestro gets a new ring, an iridescent  "Time Ring" and uses it to manipulate the timeline.

The Justice League is tries to stop him, but he uses the ring to send several members (Guy Gardner, Superman, Power Girl) "away."

"Away" is the Land of the Lost, Sleestaks and all. Objects and people from different timelines have been displaced here by Sinestro (including legendary/literary characters like Dracula). A few people/creatures, like Kamandi and Devil Dinosaur, are natives. 

Currently Fin Fang Foom is the ruler and uses an army of dinosaurs to terrorize the land. 

Our heroes have to find each other, avoid getting eaten by monsters and find a way to defeat Sinestro and get back to their own timelines.

The first cover would be Mohammad Ali  punching a Tyrannosaurus Rex.