Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recent Reads #2: Earth 2 #0

I can remember when this particular wave of DC New 52 comics was announced months ago, being told by many people that they didn't think it would work. I know some folks just aren't so happy with James Robinson in the last few years and I have been defending his work for I can't even tell you how long.

The most common comment is that everyone LOVED Starman. My most common follow-up is Get over it.

I really thing James Robinson is an amazing writer that I'd love to see work with a small core cast and get the space to tell sprawling stories about everything from Legacy to Regret to Acceptance of the roles of heroes.

Please, Mr Robinson, take me through the 12 steps of becoming a super person!

Full disclosure: I couldn't get through his JLA run. I felt it was wordier than a latter day Chris Claremont Comic and that penciller Mark Bagley was not the best fit.

Not trying to bitch about it  but I will do another post about what I;d have LOVED to see in that run.

On to why you should be reading Earth Two (start at #0 if you have to).

The New 52: Lemme Splain You -

Multiverse - It's a concept that's been around as long as any of you have been reading books aimed at nerds.  There are many universes. The writers focus on one and sometimes bounce you over to another where shit is just different. Like the Star Trek Mirror Universe or the Cosby Show after Lisa Bonet slept with Mickey Rourke.

DC has one of those again. There are 52 Universes in their Multiverse (so far) and Earth 2 is...the 2nd one...yeah...

Now, on this Earth, in this Universe, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, and WONDER WOMAN are DEAD!!!!

They died defending Earth and that left Earth with a void of heroes and SO Robinson is reintroducing characters from DC's past as modern day heroes who develop sans a Holy Trinity of Heroes!!!!

Here's why you should pay attention:

In a "normal" Multiversal situation the differences are generally rather subtle. Superman has salt and pepper grey and Batman has a dog named Ace.

In THIS Earth 2, Their new version of Terry Sloane (Mr Terrific) has adopted an Ozymandias like role of "I know what's best for you and yeah you may have to die" which is a perfect background for this title.

Think the Other Universe in Fringe!!!

I LOVE` this book and you should budget for it!

Recent Reads: Phantom Stranger #0

Dear Comic Book Fans: There is Hope - Stop Bitching

I don't really expect to keep this up but I'm gonna try and lets see how long it lasts.

The Internet has proven to be a place where fans can just rip everything endlessly but I'm feeling mad positive about my comics these days so I'm gonna try and give all of you my opinion of  books that MIGHT be on your shelves and why  you may want to give them a shot.

I'll start with books that came in recently and then in an update, I'll try and get to this week's books:

OK so yeah, the scuttlebutt is correct, THIS NEW`DC version of the Phantom Stranger is Judas, who is being made to atone for his crime by doing deeds in the service of what we can only assume to be some sort of "Lords of Order".

I have to tell you that the book was good anytime character were not actually speaking. I was wondering about what I could only see as foreshadowing of some possible story elements! That's a good thing. Then...dialog.

The dialog was distractedly bad BUT I'll give DC mad props for introducing the Spectre to the New 52 without attaching him to Earth 2 (which I LOVE). Go read it...just not too closely.