Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recent Reads: Phantom Stranger #0

Dear Comic Book Fans: There is Hope - Stop Bitching

I don't really expect to keep this up but I'm gonna try and lets see how long it lasts.

The Internet has proven to be a place where fans can just rip everything endlessly but I'm feeling mad positive about my comics these days so I'm gonna try and give all of you my opinion of  books that MIGHT be on your shelves and why  you may want to give them a shot.

I'll start with books that came in recently and then in an update, I'll try and get to this week's books:

OK so yeah, the scuttlebutt is correct, THIS NEW`DC version of the Phantom Stranger is Judas, who is being made to atone for his crime by doing deeds in the service of what we can only assume to be some sort of "Lords of Order".

I have to tell you that the book was good anytime character were not actually speaking. I was wondering about what I could only see as foreshadowing of some possible story elements! That's a good thing. Then...dialog.

The dialog was distractedly bad BUT I'll give DC mad props for introducing the Spectre to the New 52 without attaching him to Earth 2 (which I LOVE). Go read it...just not too closely.

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