Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lets Give Some Props: Part 1

Ok, I was gonna work up a whole treatise on why closeted DC fans and un adulterated Marvel fans need to really get off of Dan Didio and DC for destroying their memory of the 90's but instead I have decided to go in a more positive direction away from all of their panty waisted crying:

I'm Not going to do that. I am instead gonna give up some love for some artists that I just don't hear enough good things said about. In some cases you'll see some of their new projects too, which I think can more than make up for the fact that losers like Lightray have bit the dust.

First up:
Daniel Acuna!

Now I know some hard core fans of the Freedom Fighters who were pretty upset a few years ago when Superman and Batman cut them to ribbons but this guy has the talent to put this team back on the map.

Look at these guys! You got the baddest ass Black Condor ever, Samuel L Jackson as Dollman, A Phantom Lady with a rack that rivals Power Girls (even she noticed it), The Ray (HE survived the 90's purge), a stealth bomber Human Bomb, and they have even found a way to update Firbrand AND the Red Fucking Bee!

Rekanize Bitches!

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