Thursday, May 3, 2007

Crime Fighting Vehicles Rock - Air Wolf

Ok, the origin of Airwolf is simple. Once upon a time, there was some bullshit on TV. Then out of a dormant volcano, there arose, a vision of sheet armor and hellfire missles in the form of the only TV show about a Crime Fighting helicopter to ever star Jan Michael Vincent.

Now some folks may be partial to Blue Thunder but not me. I cannot be saved by Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith. I mean if someone were robbing a Wendy's then hells yeah but otherwise...

All I'm saying is look at this thing:

That's just bad ass ain't it!!

And here that Texaco is about to just GET IT!!!

I mean Not only did the helicopter have a cool name but it was flown by a guy named, get this, Stringfellow Hawke. How cool is that? I mean like I said. It could have been a guy named Bubba.

And Hawke (and his buddy Dominic Santini (see, still a cool name) took their orders froma guy named Archangel. Not only did he have a cool name but he had a cool ass look too.

I don't know who Archangel is calling but they'd better have their shit in order man.

This is gonna be my next big insane DVD purchase. I just joined some online community of Airwolf wackos just so I could get these pics. Airwolf could fight crime and terrorism and live in a volcano and do it with style.

Oh and before I forget. Others also know how cool Airwolf was because they couldn't spread their message of...whatever it is they're spreading, without it:

You tell em Mr. Cline...


Ice Queen said...

Did you know that SciFi ran an Airwolf marathon one weekday? Apparently, the guys didn't tell the 80's-hot chick they hired part-time to work at their non-Airwolf helicopter business about the REAL helicopter, because it was all super top secret.

Unknown said...

Yeah I remember that there was some supersecret-ness. I also think there were some other dudes who helped with stuff too.

Marcel said...

Damn, i remember that series from my kid years - yeah, it was a hundred times cooler than Blue Thunder.

For some obscure reason i can't guess here in Brazil the series was aired as Águia de Fogo, which would be portugueses for Fire Eagle in english, making no damn sense at all as a translation but is kind of a cool name too.