Friday, May 4, 2007

Crime Fighting Vehicles Rock - Pole Position.

How you can tell it was the 80s:

Based on an arcade game, CHECK
Ripping off Knight Rider: CHECK
Theme music mentions "the danger zone": DOUBLE F'N CHECK

I'll say this, those are some happy dashboard computers. Not like that stuck-up K.I.T.T.


Unknown said...

Well they always seemed brainwashed to me. Mask was better.

Heinsby said...
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Heinsby said...

If you're doing this then Heat Vision and Action Jack HAS to be next.

Banana Oil, is it true that this song is featured on your MySpace page?

Unknown said...

Man's got a point Oil. Where is the HVand J. It wouldn't make sense if I did it. My job is to bring you Automan or Wonder Bug or Thunder in Paradise or the Highwayman!

Banana Oil said...

ok, but I dare one of you to discuss Hardcastle & McCormick!