Friday, June 10, 2011

DC Relaunch: Wonder Woman

By Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chang

TF: I was all set to complain that Azzarello shouldn’t write superheroes. Then I remembered these two guys did that Doctor 13 comic. SOLD.

DM: Correct. I disagree about his Superhero books. I loved Cage. The most notable thing here is the Wonder Jacket is gone and Chang makes this outfit look like a great idea. All the detractors can now go suck it. Wonder Woman likes to break necks in pants. Done.

TF: Getting rid of the scrunched-up jacket and bangles helps this outfit a lot. She doesn’t look like she escaped from “Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon” anymore.

DM: Right. Instead she looks like she’s about to just walk through Frank Miller’s Daredevil, killing ninjas and smacking all of Matt Murdock’s angst upside the head. I’d buy 2 copies. Big win for a relaunch where I know not a thing about the plans.

TF: Although we’re pretty sure she won’t be a sassy CEO looking for love in the Big City.

DM: I’m pretty sure she won’t be a Sassy CEO because DC has a series of secret rules, made by They Who Sit In Shadow. Chief amongst these rules are there can ever only by less than three Sassy CEOs in the DCU, Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen and...then someone has to become evil or die. There can never actually be three. I could however accept that plot from the Heinberg era of Wonder Woman where Diana is a bad ass spy type chick, kicking ass for the Man/Woman.

TF: DC has NO limit on badass spies.

DM: Not during this relaunch. Both of those comics fans who cried like babies when WildStorm was folded into the DCU should have a party where they celebrate and drink a few too many Long Island Ice Teas, because it looks like WildStorm has actually infected the DCU. What do you want from her supporting cast?

TF: Fewer albino gorillas. Bring back Rama, Nemesis, and I Ching. Steve Trevor and Etta Candy can go on a very long bus ride.

DM: Well I think this relaunch can use some of everyone back. I liked the Etta I saw in the Wonder Woman animated feature. I really have all the use for Nemesis but zero use for Steve Trevor...unless they find a way to write him like Michael Vartan’s character in the first few years of the Alias TV series. Suddenly I just got an Image of Wonder Woman being written as if it were Tom Strong. Now I’m more excited!

TF: DC was too eager to scrap “Diana Prince super spy.”

DM: Yeah, they tend to have ball shrinkage when it comes to anything where Diana wears a white jumpsuit and beat ass full time. OK, it looks like we’re both on board here. We both dig the creators and you especially have come around since you realized the Doctor 13 team was back to work here.


Nikki said...

Couldn't agree more with your comments! Well except maybe less albino gorillas. Really, Terry, what do you have against the great apes?

Unknown said...

Well technically me and Trey actually like apes and now I can't Wonder Woman as Tom Strong out of my head so we NEED an intelligent ape in the book. He should like games of chance and be allergic to cats. GOLD!