Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lets Fix a Character: Hawkman

I know that everyone is abuzz with the news that DC is doing stuff that basically screams "Look at us, we're trying some new shit!" but I feel like talking about comics in a different way. I wanna fix stuff like characters. Today, HAWKMAN!

This is Hawkman...

Hawkman's basic premise is that he's a space cop from another world who happens to keep getting himself killed and then reincarnated as some form of Hawkman or another. This isn't the worst idea for a character but it seems like fans have a hard time sticking with him. I can't believe it's anything I named. I think it's because he's kind of a tool.

Look, if you're trying to add flavor to the JLA by offering a counterpoint to what's there then fine. Superman is a boy scout, Batman is jerk (but an awesome jerk) Wonder Woman is a warrior...and a diplomat, Aquaman is Wonder Woman but with one hand, no boobs, and fish, and the Flash is the one guy everyone likes but no one in the JLA can really say why.

What is Hawkman? He can't really be a cop. The team has a cop and a boy scout. Hell, even when Hal Jordan isn't there, there no one says, "Hey, where'd our cop go?"

My answer is that Hawkman should be written like this guy:

Think about it. Hawkman lives in a museum or something and he's all about using the weapons of the past like swords, maces, spears, kukris, and the occasional khopesh. Why not have him be the relic hunter? Give me one good reason why having stories where Hawkman tracks down and stockpiles all the mystical and evil scientific crap floating around the DCU wouldn't be great! Why would Orion's Astro Cycle just end up in Star Labs or in the JLA trophy room? Why not have Hawkman take it and stick it in his Hawk and THEN go and find the Bell, Jar and Wheel of those demons the JLA kept running into back in the day?

As far as I'm concerned you can even tie this into Hawkman's love interest, Hawkwoman, who I think is dead right now. He can be looking for a way to resurrect her with all the cool crap he finds. Other heroes and scientist in the DCU would think he was obsessed but so what. He's Hawkman Jones and he doesn't care what they think. He does care where Per Degaton hid that time traveling tank thingy he used against the JSA back in the day. He might need it to bust into some Jaguar God's lair in the 1300's to find some sort of secret to resurrecting super chicks.

I find this to be a GREAT idea! Lets get this done!


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