Friday, June 6, 2008

Destro: Sexy Beeatch!

Now this is what any self respecting terroristic arms dealer needs to be wearing. Any man dressed like this can probably make the hell out of a HISS tank or those swank one man helicopter jobs.

Christopher Eccleston, I'm lookin at you!

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eris404 said...

Oh dear lord. This is what I get. Combined with the discussion on Sunday after the meetup, I'm getting another headache.

Let's see what I've learned so far the past 2 days:

1. Women are illogical (and bad writers).
2. There should be licenses to have children, but only women should have to apply for them.
3. When your girlfriend calls you, it is better to tell her you are having an affair than to tell her you are playing D&D.
4. Destro looks better wearing a leopard-print, red spandex suit.

Dear god, please kill me now.