Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sometimes Jimmy Olsen needed his ass kicked

This is the reason why heros give their sidekicks masks and should be hangin out with normal folks. You'd never see Robin doiing this shit even for the cheap yuks.

You know why? Because Robin, as soon as he got the mask, would understand that if he ever came face to face with Uncle Adolf, he's supposed to knock him the fuck out.

Jimmy Olsen on the other hand? He lost his damn mind the second Superman gave out his cell phone number. Now you can find Jimmy off on Alien Worlds, turning into turtle people or wearing the Satanic Helmet of Hate or some other nonsense all the damn time!

Even Speedy just went and shot heroin. He didn't try to sell the shit. THAT would be a Jimmy move.

"Hey Superman's not around...I think I'll hang out with these fellows over here from the wrong side of the tracks and sell blow! Wait til Lois gets a load a me!"

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