Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Man in the Bunny Suit

Hello again.

Okay, so here's a comic I wrote in 1996 or so as a troubled young man of 26 years old. My friend drew it. I can write a whole comic in like an hour and then it takes two weeks to draw it. I kept hounding my buddy and then he finally drew it. Boy, he hated that.

I thought it was funny. Some humor from the 1990s get dated, but I thought this would hold up for at least another month or two before it stopped being funny.

And remember, these are only drawings, so it's not real, and so it's okay for people of all ages to read it. That is, except if you're living with your parents and they don't like it when you're looking at naughty comics and they beat your palm with a fork - then you probably shouldn't click the thumbnail links. Anyway, if your palm is all sore from parentally administered fork beatings, or if your parents stick your arm in a pot of boiling water to "discipline" you then you shouldn't be on the internet in the first place.

Alternately, if you're in your place of business and surfing the web, you could potentially have some explaining to do if you click these links, depending on how strict your company is. If you do get called onto the carpet, you should say "If you don't want me to surf the net, don't give me an internet connection, fatty." Make sure to emphasize the word "fatty". Your boss shouldn't ask any questions after that. Once again - emphasize "fatty" by screaming it at the top of your lungs. Actually, you should know this stuff already, and I shouldn't have to tell you every damn time how to get along with your boss.

Remember - delete history, delete cookies; these are commands you can use to hide your tracks on the internet. It'll save your palm a heck of a beating, I'll tell you what.

And now, the comics. I give you "Man in a Bunny Suit" published by self, 1996.

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Unknown said...

YES!!! I have been waiting for the Man in the Bunny Suit to be posted.

I have referred to people as "Underpants" because of it.