Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Top 5 Dead Heroes (Marvel)

Ok, I'm bored so here are my Top 5 dead superheroes, starting over at Marvel Comics.
I'm listing guys who I see as probably remaining dead so Captain America will nto be appearing on this list. I was gonna do 10 but I got tired....Ready?

5. Icarus -The other guy with the wings in the X-Men...

Sure he looks like Tommy Gnossis in this picture but basically eh was the 3rd member of the Guthrie family to learn that he was a mutant. I like that all the Guthrie kids were mutants. Cannonball, Husk and then Icarus.

Icarus could fly and apparently he had a healing factor too which kept him from actually dying when he would try and off himself. He was eventually shot and killed though but I don't think he's coming back.

4. The Anarchist

OK it's an odd pick but I love to talk about the failure of comics to give us characters of color who matter. Here's a guy who was essentially the "Tarzan" of American race relations. He was raised in Alaska by white folks and had an OCD hand washing thing because he secretly couldn't deal with being black.

Trust me folks, it's not as easy as it looks. Everytime Tiger Woods wins a trophy, Michael Vick shoots a dog. Every time James Earl Jones is spoken of with great respect, OJ goes and tries to pistol whip a guy in Vegas.

I'm sure the Anarchist was busting his ass.

3. Guardian (James Hudson)

Hey when Wolverine wasn't willing to be Canada's version of Wolverine, Guardian was willing to step up and AT LEAST be Canada's version of Captain Canada.

You try leading a team composed of Tai Babalonia and Randy Gardner, Tonto, Bigfoot (not the truck because that shit would have been cool), and that chick from Space 1999 with the eyebrows. Yeah, you'd be dead by issue 12 too!

He had a power suit that I think gave him the powers of the Canadian Parliment when it was fully charged. They said he made it for oil exploration and I have to tell you that if he and Shaman wer both alive, Shaman would be calling him all sorts of cowboys.

2. Ant Man - Scott Lang

Who didn't like Scott Lang. He was like one of 2 single dad superheroes in comics. He would show up to the Avengers with the kid. He rocked. I don't think it bothered him that he had another guys costume and name either because as a single dad, he didn't have much time for creativity. He'd have become Captain America if it was oen weekend a month and 2 week in the summer like the reserves and if Cap EVER sat that damn shield down.

1. Banshee

OK, I suppose there are some folks out there who never liked Banshee. Screw you people. The man was from an era when you knew a mutants power by their NAME and COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. That's all ya needed back in the day baby!

The man was calleed Banshee and if you played dungeons and dragons even a little bit, you knew he screamed and flew. He also had a cool accent. He said "Boyo" more than any other Irishman I ever met. That costume is bad ass too. I always dug the wings. I want him back.

The list does look then, I agree but that's because the below listed folks aren't on it.

Cap will be back in a year or so. Thor is already back which means Loki is back too and you can't fucking kill a guy like Moses Magnum. Funk wil never die! Thanos is like a God or something too. He's like the Death God of Funk. How can he be dead? Makes zero sense. He will be back too.


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