Monday, April 9, 2007


I'd like to start with talking about a comic that is near and dear to my heart. That comic is Checkmate. Checkmate has a few things going for it in my opinion. If you want me to buy a comics then you need to have a few things covered:

1. Make it a team book.

I love team comics. Who doesn't. 12 heroes for the price of 1? Anyone could read Spiderman and his drama but wouldn't you rather read Spiderman moping but then having 11 of his friends kick ass until he gets a date?

Checkmate is a book about an organization of UN sactioned super guys who act as either spies or a first responce/counter terrorist unit.

2. Include some of my favorite characters

Like you want to read a team book full of dogs who couldn't carry the Global Guardians, Outsiders or the Sea Devils.

Checkmate has Mr. Terriffic, King Faraday, Amanda Waller, Count Vertigo, Fire and Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern). That's not bad. You get 2 JSAers, a Batman supporting character more interesting than Harvey Bullock, a cold hearted bitch who ran the Suicide Squade and 1 cool super villain in Count Vertigo.

3. The book has tro have a hook

Checkmate has a chess theme complete with Kings and Bishops and stuff. Even the Pawns are cool.

Buy it!!!

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