Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Nerd Cave Idea

So I don't really have my nerd cave anymore but I sort of used to. I was watching this commercial with that dirty player who happens to be likable that plays in the NFL, Clay Matthews, as opposed to Suh or Harrison from the Lions and Bengals.

I got rid of my "Nerd Cave" in a few moves towards being an actual grown up who could a) play a video game in a dining room and b) have a big ass flat screen TV that my wife could watch HGTV on without needing me to deactivate my "Non Geek Destructo Ray".

Now that I don't have a Nerd Cave though, I'm imagining remaking one (when I buy a house) and I think I have the rough workings of a plan. I want to know what yours will be (5 details) but here's mine (media server and big screen TV are obvious).

1. Location: A tree house

2. External Logo: A giant block letter "4" in each cardinal directions

3. Furniture: Gaming table shaped like the letter "A".

4. Refreshment: Cold Jameson on tap

5. Other: Some of those display cases where I can display the outfits of my fave dead comics characters or dead wrestlers.

Bring it!

If you like this sort of odd stuff I'll be doing more of it here since i think I'm doing heftier topics with my other blog:

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