Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I hate Gallant Girl

Ok here's a book that I thought I'd like but it turns out I love. The premise is that a group of heroes have a good thing going by having a contest to award the role of Gallant Girl to an up and coming young heroine.

The star of this book, is good enough to win the role BUT it tuns out that the winner of the contest is gonna do all the work and the actual Gallant Girls is gonna get the credit.

This generally sucks for our young heroine until the book's Batman like figure offers her the job of his sidekick, in order to stick it to the establishment.

It's clear that our heroine has the brains and talent to hold her own but she lacks a) experience and b) a group of media flacks who are gonna spin her story just the right way.

The style of the title is similar to a Michael Avon Oeming book and the allegories are all recognizable. My one issue is that I would have liked more of an introduction to the characters involved in this first issue but this is a minor complaint.

I really do like it and I can highly recommend it.

Doc M

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