Sunday, November 23, 2008

From Out of Nowhere: Terra

Ok, I'm gonna do something I don't normally do but it looks like our poor blog had gone untended for a while so I'm gonna review some comics!

Now I don't know if DC intended it but they they have taken a character who was capable of vying for the award for DC's Most Tragic Character in Terra (the original) and passed her legacy on in a way that may result in a very cute Brave and the Bold style team up title.

If this is the case then I like it. This new Terra comes off as some sort of Geological Guardian who is just the poop when it comes to knowing what pisses off the under ground inhabitants of the world. She's like Aquaman for Dirt Dwellers.

So far we've seen guest appearances by both Dr. Mid-nite AND Power Girl. This is a score on two fronts for me.

I enjoy Amanda Connors art and have for years but I always feel like Palmiotti and Gray have a little something to show me over the long haul.

So far so entertaining and that's all we can ask.


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