Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man News - Animated and otherwise

Compiled by Banana Oil:
Iron Man 2 (duh) was announced for 2010. The masterplan also includes Thor and Captain America films, all leading into the big Avengers movie.

Between now and 2010 are smaller Marvel projects: the Wolverine solo movie and Punisher 2: War Zone.

Making the cable and syndication rounds will be new series of X-Men, Hulk, and Iron Man toons, and the recently announced Black Panther cartoon for BET.

The 90s Iron Man and Spider-Man series have been bought up by Toon Disney, which means they're sure to make a play for the 90s X-men series soon.

In the direct to dvd animation department: Next Avengers (all-new concept--sons and daughters of the Avengers vs. Ultron), Planet Hulk, and the very underappreciated comic Thor: Son of Asgard ("The Adventures of Thor...When He Was a Boy!(tm)") are the next wave of dvds.

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