Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An Open Frimshaz to Jim Shooter

Hi Jim! I think you're doing a sworvel job on this Legion of Super-Heroes bandsnee. Just really really flipple. Couldn't be more gronked.

There's just one florging thing.

Can ya tone down the fabbed-up lizzingo? I totally grilk that sometimes pranning some krindled color can establish a worzle, you know, make you really varg that you're in the 31st hoontz. And bandsnee has a fron tradition of it, from "drokk," to "feldercarb," to "sprock."

Unhooberantly, when you infrant a made-up vroz in every florging panel, it's sometimes inplisigent to frim-fram wovenheim what you're prizzling, ya grilk?

So in cranpludle, if we could just get a fnit less of the pseudo-quonchy future-teen plabblegap, I think we'd all mack-a-rinnie mone vowtie pazzotle, and vip spaw naddle bip kreessly. Frimps!

Oh and "Troob Vrix the Leeble!"


Anonymous said...

Sprock yeah! I whole heartedly confribble!

(of course it could be worse it... could be half in interlac)

Banana Oil said...

(Waid woulda done a whole issue in interlac pig-latin if he'd stuck around, and then lament that the audience isn't smart enough to appreciate him.)

Unknown said...

But Waid had a chance to and didn;t take it. He was too busy peppering a little slang into his massive mystery invasion stories.

From what I've been hearing, LSH fans are thrilled with the shooter run so far. It may be heavy on "slang" but it's closer to what they remember so they like it.

If shooter can write it and keep it moving, then who really gives a florg. It's the Legion.

Banana Oil said...

Still gotta piss on everything I write, huh?

Unknown said...

I'm missing the piss here. I just said that LSH fans seem to be happy with the guy's run. You can beat him all to hell over his over slangage if you like. Folks still sorta dig the content. Maybe it's a little too throwback-y but I haven't seen any comments about it in the Legion-List.

It's all high praise over there or close to it.

You guys can Splabibble til the cows come home about it if you like but I wasn't trying to start a Hobzork or nothing.