Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Venture Brothers

OK, the only reason I am making this post is as a public service announcement to all of you who make have totally slept on the Venture Brothers show.
This show is the shit and if you like Jonny Quest back in the day (as opposed to whatever they were doing in the 90's) you'll f'n love this shit.
Unless you have a problem...
Seriously Brock Samson is a true cartoon bad ass, the likes of which have not been seen since Sgt. Slaughter beat the crap outta that guy with the wings in GI Joe: the Movie.
Dean and Hank Venture are Idiots. Really. Just...Idiots but they bring the funny.
The best stuff is actually almost anything surrounding Dr. Thaddeus Venture, from his financial status to his less than stellar past.
I love the villains too. The Monarch may have some sort of contractual obligation to appear in every third episode but each appearance is better than the last and you will find your self cheering for Dr. Girlfriend...but you will also wince at her voice.
Or netflix it or something. Just do it. Then go and watch more Linda Carter...