Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Terry Moore is Back

And boy is my wife happy...

He's basically doing a new series called Echo, Mary Jane Loves Spiderman or something for Marvel and Runaways, besides.

Essentially, the Spiderman thing will matter to my wife but I'm wondering how long it will take before she realizes that Peter Parker's life has ALWAYS been a SiP level soap opera but that she is now forcing her self to read about it by just because Terry Moore is delivering the goods.

It's like being forced to have to watch WWE programming just because Ira Glass has become a writer on Smackdown.

She should like Runaways. There is no reason not to like it even before Terry Moore comes on board. It's got little girls with super strength, space aliens of indistinct gender, magic involving blood and, a telepathic Dinosaur.

You people should be all about it just because i wrote that.

I got no idea what Echo is all about BUT if that book is late, I'll probably be raked over the coals bad enough to make me travel to Texas to hand Terry Moore that ass whupping I wanted to give him that year at Wizard World Chicago when my wife and a friend of hers stood in line while Terry Moore signed every damn comic in some dudes short box and talked to some woman for like an hour, who happened to have many life affirming moments while perusing the pages of SiP.

Honestly, Moore could have broken sooooo many ethical tenets if he'd just gone into counseling comics geeks instead drawing comics.

Not that I want him to change vocations. I just want him to approach his current one with regards to what my wife goes through when he slacks. I don not want to hear all about the rigors of making comics either. Those damn brits can jam out the ultra violent magi-porn at the drop of a fucking hat just to make sammich money when the muse is preventing them from giving us issues of Fell or Planetary.

Yeah Ellis, I'm looking at you, so why can't Moore, just so Wifey doesn't think i've instructed Diamond to hold up shipments of the book until keith Giffen returns to the Legion of Superheroes?

At any rate, fans of Terry Moore can rejoice...HUZZAH!!! The King is Returned to f'n Gondor but if he takes a break to find himself, I will bust the ass of whichever fan stands in my wife's way as I turn her loose on him at Wizard World.

You can also just read all about it here as opposed to hearing me rant about Terry Moore all week...

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