Friday, February 22, 2013

We the People vs. Bigotry

(posted here because the FB link on twitter just goes to the HRC)

I'll try and make this simple. With all the publicity Orson Scott Card has gotten for being a bigot and getting to write a Superman story, Challengers Comics decided to give the proceeds of any Card Superman stories sold to the Human Rights Campaign.

Apparently some folks on Tumblr and FB don't understand how fighting bigotry works and have been giving Patrick a little bit of lip about it (in typical Internet fashion).

I happen to think Challengers is on the right path with this and fuck bigotry so therefore Third Coast Comics will also donate 100% of the profits of any copies we sell of Orson Scott Card's Superman to the Human Rights Campaign.

Personally this is why we read the exploits of superheroes, right? To be inspired to fight against injustice and inequality wherever we see it.

I don't see this as mixing business with politics. I see this as mixing business with human rights.

The damn books is gonna blow anyway.

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