Friday, July 30, 2010

Damn right Heimdall is Black because Kirby was crazy!

OK so some folks have gotten their spandex panties ll in a bunch about Actor, Idris Elba being cast as Heimdall, Guardian of Bifrost; the Rainbow Bridge, in the upcoming Thor movie.

I had a mini rant about this on the insidemovies site.

The real problem I'm seeing is that folks are really tying parts of their real lives to movies. The only place this will land you is on a therapists couch some day.

'Heimdall can't be Black because the Vikings were White" is a logical fallacy, simply because Heimdall, like Cold Fusion, DOES NOT EXIST!

You know who does exist? Idris Elba, who is also Black and dressed like a Viking God and people sure seem to be calling him Heimdall which just kills that argument.

This is like folks who have told me that they can't watch any of the X-Men movies because Hugh Jackman is too tall to play Wolverine.

No he isn't. How do you know how tall Wolverine is really? I mean he's a comic book character and he generally isn't always being measured like a 5 year old using a pencil to mark his laborious growth spurts.

There is also the fact that the public at large has been pretty happy with the only part that matters for Hugh Jackman, his performance.

The bottom Line is:

Comics are Comics and Movies are not comics. Most of the classic comics were created by folks who did SOME research for their books but mostly they were making guys in their underwear fight other guys in underwear.

Now get some popcorn and enjoy the damn movies!


Elba as Heimdall detractors need to get over it. This IS NOT a movie about Norse Mythology. This is not a movie about Spirituality in such a way as to justify your awesomely rebellious pagan ways.

It's a movie about a comic book written by two adventurous Jewish kids who didn't give a rats ass about traditional Norse Mythology.

Heimdall could be Asian or White or Arabian or Black because neither he nor his appearance are central to the story. How can someone not mind if Jane Foster is Black but have issue with a fantastic actor like Elba being a minor deity character? That makes no sense.

Yes, the "Ultimate Comics" Nick Fury is black and being used in the films. The Nick Fury movie starring Hasselhoff was a different character AND produced for TELEVISION by a different studio BEFORE Comic Boook Movies as a genre came into vogue.

Lee and Kirby DID NOT CARE about your Germanic Traditions. Thor fought robots and Mr. Hyde and Space Aliens and sometimes a troll but mostly stuff from space and robots and evil construction workers.

His story is about daddy issues, NOT about YOUR spirituality or YOUR marauding ancestors (even though vikings are pretty cool).

This is MARVEL THOR. He doesn't have red hair or even own magical goats. He just doesn't want to go into the family business (ruling) and thinks big boobed white nurses are kinda hot (cuz they kinda are). THAT IS WHAT MARVEL THOR IS ABOUT!

Stan and Jack didn't know diddly about Vikings. They knew about teen boy power fantasies and that's what matters. Boycott it if you have to. We actual fans will watch black and Mongolians run all around comic book Asgard fighting robots made by the Gods, just to get back to Earth and party with the soft ladies. Oh and Loki's horns are gonna kick massive ass!


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