Monday, August 11, 2008

The One Where I Spoil Trinity for You

Very clever, Mr. Busiek. A little too clever. But you've tipped your hand with the anti-matter Earth.

I see who your "Enigma" is. He's Quizmaster, the anti-matter Riddler.

We've already seen the anti-matter Earth "revise" certain details to reflect DC-Earth. In your JLA run, Power Ring was "revised" from a white man to a black man to reflect John Stewart's membership in the League.

And since on DC-Earth, the Riddler is nominally a good guy these days, then Quizmaster must be a bad guy. And those burns on his face were no doubt caused by the Qwardian invasion.

Well played. Now let's have Gravedigger's grandson show up again.

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Unknown said...

Ok, I don't really see an issue with it per se. I actually think that the re-introduction of Earth 3 was one of DC's better moves in the past several years. The Crime Syndicate work not just as villians but as introduction points for any number of DC New Earth counterparts.

Enigma being and "evil Riddler" is just a good idea. It make me want to know things like "If there is a Jason Todd on E3, what's he like? If there is a Terra on E3, what's the deal with her.

It'd be worth it for me to find out.