Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Frigging Watchmen Movie

Due to my amazing powers of research, I was able to find out some amazing stuff about the Warner Brothers' new movie entitled "Watchmen". Read and enjoy the following fifteen or so "Film Facts"!

  • Did you know? "The Watchmen" screenplay was written by Frank Welker (voice of Uni the Unicorn), who hates both comics and children and wants to die?

  • Did you know? Billy Crudup (slated to play "The Comedian") has one of the zaniest last names in filmdom? This title had been held in the past by actors named "Frank Crud" (1982-1997), "Cruddy Crudpants" (1960-1981) and "Crudly Crud Encrusted Crud" (1945-1959).
  • Did you know? In 1941 the "Zaniest Actor Name" award statues were made out of wood instead of metal because of World War Three or something?
  • Did you know? Hollywood hates children and fun?

  • Did you know? The screenplay for this film was written in thirty-seven minutes?

  • Did you know? "The Watchmen" movie was originally based on a "comic book"? Duuh!

  • Did you know? The comic book was written in 1986 and optioned for movie rights in 1987, and the original cast was actually very different? I paid fifty cents on e-bay for the original cast release photo from Warner Brothers, exhibited below:

  • Did you know? I am very easily amused? Well it's true, silly!

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